WIND: SE-S 10-15 Knts

Beautiful sailing conditions, wind, not too much, not too little… in fact just right and a bonus to have a breeze consistent with the forecast. Drinks in hand , locked and loaded, we started on a reach, crossing the line within 2 secs of our handicapped start time and were off chasing 90% of the monos and a few catamarans, always interesting being one of the last to start…. gives us something to chase.

With reasonable wind pressure, a myriad of sails like butterflies on the water, headed out around Green island,towards Hope Banks on course A.

Not much has changed out there and as per the norm, this imposing steel structure and the infamous Moretion Bay tide always provide some challenges.

Inevitably this is a convergence zone with monos and multis arriving at the same time, each calling for water(while downing a beer) as all leave it to starboard. With a sigh of relief we rounded without incident and set off to hunt down the multis ahead before we ran out of tarmac.Quarter reaching with just enough pressure, headsail set on max outboard sheeting angle, a fresh round of drinks, nibbles and bad jokes abounding,we sailed through the fleet and again converged on the finish line. We were surprised to learn that we’d just pipped the two Seawinds across the line to claim first place by half a boat length. The majority of the fleet finished with in 11 minutes.

Now that’s what i call a fun WAGS… Until next week..

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