A fine weather forecast was all that was needed to entice some friends, Pete and Leslie, to join us for a mini break on the “Big Galah”. An opportunity to escape the “corporate hustle and bustle” was aptly suggested by Pete.

After stocking the fridge with beer, champagne, snacks, food and more food, this was an overnight adventure, better to be safe than sorry. We cast the lines off and motored down the river. The ladies perched on beanbags up the front to admire the passing scenery and the menfolk talking boats of course.

Crystal clear conditions with 12 knot south easterly saw skipper Jim, hoisting the main sail from the cockpit and rolling out the headsail.  Straight out the seaway and loping along at 8 to 9 knots keeping an eye out for the prolific whales. Auto pilot on and everyone relaxing, drinks and snack time. After an hour or so the reluctant skipper turned around to head back in. No Lord Howe this time but 160 litres of fresh water made with the desalinator and skipper very happy with everything.

Next stop, McLaren’s Landing, the ladies felt a need for a cocktail at the tiki bar. A little further along, we found an ideal spot for the night, Dux Anchorage. There, already anchored was another Slipstream! Of course, after our swim, yes it was a bit nippy but the hot water shower on the transom alleviated the freshness, the boys had to take the duck over and invite the sister ship’s crew for sundowners.

We had the pleasure of meeting Jock and his partner Moana. Jock is a veteran sailor who, for the past ten years, has taken “Slipstream” to Lord Howe every year. They certainly seem to be enjoying retirement and their Slipstream.

The next morning, we walked across to the seaward side.  No people, just brilliant blue sky and water and undulating sand dunes. You would not believe that the “Rat Race” was so close.

Returning to “Big Galah” we up anchored, the deck wash was put to work on a very muddy anchor, hoisted the sails and headed down the broad water in a north westerly averaging 9 knots.

Back to Boatworks and after reversing into the berth and making sure the “Big Galah” was all secured, we bade our regretful farewells. A mini Galah sojourn had done the trick, a recipe for relaxation and recharging.           By Jm Williams – Owner

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